About Me
I am like Vangelis

who does not know musical notes but has absolute pitch and can create heavenly, divine music.

I am a self taught knitter. I taught myself knitting using trial and error method. I have never used templates or patterns… because I do not know “€notes”. I did not have to learn them because when I see something I just know how to make it.

I do not write down details of any of my designs. It would be a waste of my time as I have so many ideas for new designs in my head waiting to be created that I am only able to use about one per cent or less. Trying to document and write down patters would decrease creative use of my ideas even more.

I have never learnt patterns or templates. I just know (although I have no idea where from) where to do decreases (removing stitches) and increases (adding stitches). The same applies to tailoring, where I just know how much to cut off and how to sew it together afterwards - and to all other crafts. I start doing something I have not done before and I am able to climb up unknown stairs almost completely on my own. Nowadays, I can find helpful info and tips using internet. In the past, I used to ask somebody who was an expert in the field I was interested in; my questions were general only and I never used to write down any notes.

I remember when many years ago, a woman sat down next to me watching me knitting with intense curiosity. She turned out to be a great knitter herself and she said with amazement that she had not seen such a stitch pattern before although she thought she knew them all. We started chatting and it transpired I had taught myself how to cast on in a totally different way from everybody else. The way I was knitting was different too and as a result even my basic purl and knit stitches looked unusually with interesting diagonal effect. Because of her, I now know the correct, traditional way to cast on; I still sometimes use my own original way of casting and shed does too.

  • Me

    I have had my own business GGW Fashion Gallery in London for a few years: where I can fulfill my dreams and realise my creative passion.

Gabriela G Wolters

If you are interested in my work, please contact me - maybe interested in cooperation, and maybe buy something from me.

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